Cyber security

Cybersecurity: Strategic security for modern environments

Viruses, Trojans, malware and ransomware, hacker attacks, and blackmail. The threats that come from the net have many names. Cyber attacks are booming, costing companies money, reputation, disrupting operations, and inflicting serious damage. In modern cloud environments and agile software development processes, the threat landscape has significantly changed and increased – higher exposure, numerous interfaces and APIs to customers and partner systems, coupled with faster development processes and IT landscape lifecycles. Our team of experts with strong technical backgrounds are experienced specialists in cyber security. We help identify and close security gaps and develop comprehensive security strategies. We are happy to contribute our specialist knowledge and provide support in projects at an early stage, be it through secure design, threat modeling, code analysis, vulnerability scanning, or pentesting. The later security problems are detected, the more time-consuming their elimination becomes. By the way: Developers and programmers can benefit from our knowledge. We offer special training courses in all these areas.

In addition, we help companies with comprehensive strategic consulting. How can security be integrated into complex and agile organizations? How do I deal with resource bottlenecks in the security team? How can I check whether the software is secure? How do I integrate and automate security tests and scans in my CI/CD pipeline? What tools are available, how can I use them and how efficiently can I derive added value from the results? We at secureIO know the corresponding strategies and analysis tools and can help you with the selection to secure software at an early stage.

We advise how to adapt old software and apply new features – and still be on the safe side as far as cybersecurity is concerned. We do threat analyses for you and help to assess how likely an attack is, what threat it poses and what damage it can cause, and advise on what countermeasures can be taken.

Know your enemy. We analyze your IT from the attacker’s point of view. Because our experts know the typical attack scenarios, we can identify possible security gaps at an early stage and provide more security with targeted measures.

To protect your products and applications we offer 360° Product Security Assessments including

  • Threat Modeling
  • Code Scanning
  • Penetration Testing

and help you on building and extending your internal Product Security program.

These are your advantages

We are on board with the software development from the beginning to point out gaps in the early phase (shift-left). This saves time and money. The later problems are detected, the more expensive they are to fix.

Reduce the risks of successful cyber attacks. Avoid reputational damage and costly data breaches with a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy.

We rely on modern DevSecOps strategies to sustainably integrate security into IT processes. We support automation so that security does not become an obstacle.

Through us, a valuable knowledge transfer takes place in an area that is one of the most challenging in the rapidly advancing digitalization of communication and business processes. We help to determine the right prioritization based on the current threat situation.

We build complete processes and help you develop the right strategy. Instead of individual tools, we focus on your entire cyber security strategy, help you build the right processes, and create the necessary awareness to establish a sustainable security culture.

Facts and figures

million euros a data breach costs a company on average

Cost of a Databreach Report 2021, IBM

Critical security vulnerabilities remain unpatched for days on average

Forbes, Cyber Vulnerability Statistics — 2021 In Review

Vulnerabilities became known in 2021

Number of CVEs included in the NVD in 2021


of all security vulnerabilities are classified as high or critical

Forbes, Cyber Vulnerability Statistics — 2021 In Review

Your contact

Michael Helwig

Michael Helwig is an expert in the field of application and product security. His focus is on the planning and development of product security programs in medium-sized and large companies as well as vulnerability management and threat modeling.

Michael Helwig