GRC & Information security

We secure your information – standard-compliant and pragmatic

It has never been as valuable as it is today. Information is the (digital) gold of the modern age. That is why it must be well protected. Technical problems, human error, organizational mistakes, or cyber attacks lurk as major dangers.

Information security is therefore one of secureIO’s most important topics. In addition to protection, we are also concerned with the responsible handling of data – and the whole thing must then be organized in accordance with the numerous rules, local laws, international standards, and regulations. This is a mammoth task for a company. We at secureIO can help you with this. From consulting to audits to certification support – we have the experts for all these processes to set up a secure, effective, and standard-compliant, but always pragmatic information security management system, ISMS for short. So that your information and that of your customers remain in safe custody. So that you and your partners can concentrate fully on your common goals and your business.

Of course, we also place great emphasis on the topics of governance, risk, and compliance, or GRC for short. Guidelines and requirements must be adapted and implemented. We are happy to support you with all topics and goals related to governance. For us, the R stands for everything from classic risk management to threat modeling. It does not matter whether you want to look at your company, an asset, or a product. At secureIO, we are happy to advise you on how to record risks and classify them. Analyses and evaluations should protect your business because they enable you to develop the appropriate strategies.

The keyword compliance brings beads of sweat to the foreheads of small and medium-sized companies in particular. The secureIO finds its way through the thicket of regulations, standards, certifications, labels, and requirements. Because we know our stuff, you don’t have to go through the hassle of building up know-how. You know that we know – and this knowledge alone is completely sufficient for you. You can confidently leave the rest to us, and information security will be an absolute benefit for you and your data.

These are your advantages

Broad network with business experts, IT specialists and lawyers.

Security for your legal accountability and verification obligations.

Precise implementation of your compliance, taking into account the latest decisions of courts and supervisory authorities.

Our expertise – security for you and your customers.

Concrete solutions – guidelines, policies and concepts.

Security for stakeholders, management, executive board, etc.

Facts and figures


of the German companies surveyed had been affected by (data) theft, industrial espionage or sabotage in the last 12 months.

Bitkom Research 2022 (Survey period 10.01. to 13.03.2022)

Billions of euros in damage per year due to (data) theft, industrial espionage and sabotage.

Bitkom Research 2022 (Survey period 10.01. to 13.03.2022)


of the German companies surveyed fear further ransomware attacks.

Bitkom Research 2022 (Survey period 10.01. to 13.03.2022)


Only 23.6% of German citizens believe that the majority of companies handle their data in a trustworthy manner.

Statista 2022

Your contact

Christian H. Becker

When exactly did the interest in IT security begin? At least in the cradle, the topic still had nothing to do with it. But pretty soon after that. His fascination for data and its handling already ignited in his school days – and reached its first peak during military service. Cryptography and communication were the topics Christian Becker dealt with in the military. A topic of national interest. Then as now.

The path led the native of Darmstadt via the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, where he studied general computer science, then finally to the renowned Swedish Karlstad University, where he graduated with a “Master of Science in Computer Science” from the Department of Cybersecurity.

As a software developer, he first gained experience at the Augsburg-based robotics specialist Kuka and later at the Swiss Post, where as Senior Project Manager he assumed end-to-end responsibility for the planned implementation of business process transfer projects. Subsequently, as Chief Product Owner for Loyalty Partner Solutions, he oversaw the further development of the Bahncard program and Munich-based GmbH, which later merged into STI GmbH, with major customers from the telecommunications sector. Since 2018, Christian Becker has been a senior consultant and IT manager at STI Consulting. As one of the three managing directors of secureIO, he is primarily concerned with the standard-compliant implementation of IT security guidelines and systems – pragmatically and soundly.

Christian Becker