Who we are

Security and data protection for your company

secureIO brings IT security and data protection to your business. Appropriate IT security avoids costly incidents, increases the protection of your customers and employees, and reduces risks of personal liability for managing directors.

We advise a wide range of companies in different industries, no matter if they are medium-sized businesses or large international corporations. Since consulting is a matter of trust, we attach great importance not only to the professional competence of our employees but also to good, understandable, and goal-oriented communication. Our goal is not only to support you in formal aspects of information security, data protection, risk management, or in the technical challenges of cyber security but also to sustainably improve processes in your company and to increase the security level in the long term. In doing so, we work with you to find efficient approaches to identify and address the most pressing problems.

We work with a competent team of consultants who are constantly learning and passionate about providing the best possible support to our customers. Whether it’s data protection, cybersecurity or information security, or all 3 areas at once, we provide hands-on support with great background knowledge. We not only have your IT and business processes in mind but also the organizational framework and efficient and employee-oriented implementation within your organization.